Me & my buddy

Portrait Photography and Lifestyle Photography: Friendship is not an illusion, friendship connects people. Soulmates Images uses portrait photography in an artful way to depict this connection. Friendship lies in small, specific details. In the wrinkle of a smile around the mouth. At a glance that says it all. Or in an embrace that says more than a 1000 words. At home, in the studio or on location I always find a way to capture this friendship. Between mother and child, between two best friends, or just between your child and his favourite pet or teddy bear. I zoom in and enlarge; so intimate details give feelings of real expressiveness. Beautiful as a personal gift. Or as a reminder for later. Would you like a powerful impression of a friendship? Make an appointment for a personal photo shoot.

Family Photography-Animal PhotographyThe prinses with her beautiful prince

Amazone met haar paardUnconditional love

Familiefotografie in eigen dorpHer dearest friend

Kitten onderzoekt krullen van jongen Getting to know each other

Amazone met haar westernpaardHorse Photography in the fields

Familiefotografie met paardFamily Photography with pony

Meisje met haar konijnOne of my favoriete family pictures from 2014

Moederpoes likt haar pasgeboren kittenJust born

Pasgeboren kittensDrinking and resting right after birth

Kinderfotografie in de studioCuddeling with your best friend during Portrait Photography

Hond met jong baasje in de Drunense DuinenDog and owner enjoying Drunense Duinen

Meisje met kittensA gorgeous little friend

Fotoshoot met huisdier in de Drunense DuinenMisses is delicious

Dierenfotografie met kitten in het grasSo small but all such great friends

Lifestylefotografie in EschAnd then it’s getting wild during Portret Photography

Lifestylefotografie op locatiePlaying around with the cat on a save distance

Dierenfotografie met paard in de weiGirls and ponies – inseparable 

Dierenfotografie op locatieFamily shoot with the dog

Familiefotografie op boerderij in VughtPortrait Photography with the goats

Marc Houtzagers met zijn paardOlympic winner of the silver medal team-Marc Houtzager loves fooling around with his horses

Lifestylefotografie aan de keukentafelLifestyle Photography at the kitchen table

Kitten speelt met muisSweeter is almost impossible

Dierenfotografie bij de Essche StroomChildren and Animal Photography alongside the Essche Stroom

Fotografie kind met hondNaughty

Bruiloft met paardHorses are a girl’s best friend

Dierenfotografie bij zonsondergangTogether on the road

Philippe Lejeune met zijn dieren thuis in BelgiëJump world champion of 2010, Philippe Le Jeune at his stables

Dierenfotografie met puppyTo never forget what he was like as a pup