Familieshoot Drunense Duinen

Photos: Anoeska van Slegtenhorst

The face of Soulmates Images

I grew up as the daughter of two amateur photographers. During my life I worked in front and behind the camera. Zoom, focus, enlarge and print. Working with countless photos I developed a skilled eye for compelling images and a true love for this beautiful profession. The passion has become a close relationship. My camera and me have become soul mates for life. A professional training helped me to refine my sense of composition, light and timing.

Familieshoot Drunense Duinen

It is my ambition to unify love, friendship and affection into one photograph. Love sparkles, friendship connects and affection moves. The trick is to catch those pure emotions into snapshots. I enjoy when those moments of tenderness and happiness are relived, therefore I specialize in wedding photography and lifestyle photography. I feel privileged that I, as professional photographer, may be present at these special moments. I look forward to capture and store your best, most moving or precious moments.

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