My memories

Funeral Photography: Saying farewell to a loved one, a friend, a relative or a child hurts. Family and friends experience the departure of their loved ones as if it were a bad dream. Grief is often a grey veil over a burial or cremation. Details of an emotional day often evaporate during the stress of the day. Farewell Photos are a way to complete the circle of life for a deceased family member or loved one. They offer some comfort when looking back with a smile on your face and a tear in your eye. Soulmates Images is an expert in keeping precious memories alive. By acting discretely I am able to make an impression of images without attracting any attention. I am a committed photographer selflessly serving the Make a Memory Foundation. Interested? I would gladly like to discuss your personal wishes.

funeral photography-farewell phptosThe last Goodbye

Laatste afscheid bij de kist in het crematorium van VlijmenA last poem with the whole family

RouwfotografieFlowers at the crematory

RouwfotografieRouwfotografieChildren’s own way to say goodbye

RouwfotografieFuneral Photography – Laying to rest

Rouwfotografie - Rouwstoet in Cappele aan de IJsselFuneral Procession in honour of Marcia Hendrikx-Baker 

Versiering van de paarden voor de uitvaart
Beautiful decoration for Icelandic horses

Rouwauto onderweg naar het crematoriumThe funeral procession on its way to the crematorium in Capelle aan den IJssel

Rouwfotografie - Rouwauto onderweg naar het crematoriumSea of flowers in the shades of Pink Ribbon

Versiering van de kist in kleuren van Pink RibbonFuneral Photography in detail: Beautiful, loving decoration of the coffin

Hoefijzer als versiering van de kistMarcia’s love for horses was reflected in everything at the funeral

Kist in het crematorium